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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Great day except for teeth

Today was awesome, we went to the Scottish games in Wellington and saw a great many things. Lots of redheads, kilts, and a large crowd of people who all had something in common. I went to the genealogy table and ran a list of names off of my mother's side and my father's and found all but one where either Scottish or Scotch/Irish. It comes as no surprise because the area where my family comes from came from that heritage with a bit of German mixed in.

We found our tartan and bought a scarf and a pin and we hung it on our front door. Kylie really enjoyed seeing for herself that she has true ancestors and there is a history for her. There were boarder collies and sheep herding, Highland cattle, bagpipe competitions, dancing, and of course the heavy competitions. Big strong men that competed basically lifting and running heavy things and tossing them as far as they can, it was stirring.

We came home early afternoon, the day was really hot, after the sun started going down I mowed a little and then a crown fell of my tooth. All I can say is it really sucks. I will be visiting the dentist next week I guess.

Once it cooled off a little we went to see the horses, tonight we turned them out with three other geldings with piles of hay everywhere. Not even a sound, not even a whinny of protest from any, they sniffed, picked their pile and ate. We watched for while and they moved around the piles but no one chased or fought and so we left them, they'll be out in the arena and paddock for the whole night while it's cooler and sleep during the day when it's hot.

Hope my tooth last till I can get to the dentist and the fix is not ridiculous, of course I am trying to be optimistic, it is really working at this point.  

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