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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another phone call

About twice a month I get a call from someone who heard about the farm and that we took care of senior horses and they have one that needs a good place to take care of them. I usually call the people back, let them know we don't do it anymore and try to give them what advise I can.

When I hang up the phone I feel sad because I know there is a need, and I loved doing it. Then I get mad because of the selfishness of a couple of people, the greed of a couple of others and the job that came too late to turn things around. I don't miss the awful house but I'd have endured it to be able to take care of the horses again. After all those thoughts I remind myself that I have to live in the present and do what it is that God has planned for me.

I got a call today of course and will keep getting these calls probably for awhile, nothing I can do about it other than to wish them the best at finding a good place. I talked to the lady that called today for awhile and learned how she was trying to help a friend and that the friend had let the horse go to a trader not knowing of course the guy was a horse trader, the woman got the horse back before anything bad happened. I shared with her what we did for the seniors and why, before she hung up she said "God bless you for all you've done" and it touched my heart, I didn't expect it.

Nothing more to say about today except Kylie came down with something and I might be getting it too, hope not, I hate getting sick. I did take her to the doctor so she should be feeling better soon. Tomorrow's Wednesday, the weeks go fast with my job which I appreciate. 

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