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Friday, June 14, 2013

Catching up

I let the weeds grow and the last two evenings I've been trimming and spraying. We cleaned the pony stall tonight and fluffed it up. I am itchy from trimming but the place looks nice, we have all kinds of flowers and shrubs and sometimes it is hard to tell what are weeds till the grow up.

I went out to the garden and kicked the soil around and guess what I saw, a worm, yeah! Things are cooking  now and the beans are growing and some grass because the manure has seeds in it.

I look forward to getting things done this weekend, Kylie is cleaning each room in the house and helping with chores so that makes the weekend better. I ordered a couple of books on animal massage, they will be here tomorrow. Dusti is 12 now and he gets around but he has weak hips and some days when it's cold and damp he doesn't feel like doing much. I am going to practice on him with some massage and see if it will make him feel better and more comfortable. I have always wanted to do animal message because I think it is very beneficial, especially animals that are in pain or have trouble getting around.

The storms the other night were scary, thank the good Lord no tornado. I spoke with one of my co-workers in Colorado Springs and some of the people who work for the company are on notice for possible evacuation and some have already lost their home. It's a beautiful place but it his considered high desert and they have been in a drought for a long time. It's just a terrible thing and they think it all could have started with arson.

This year is a tough one for many people, tornadoes, fires, shootings and bombings, you can't even totally get past one thing in the news and then something else happens. 

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