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Friday, June 21, 2013

The Warriors!

This morning I took a stroll out to the garden with a pitchfork and checked out the vegetables we planted. We have a couple of wild elderberry bushes we transplanted which are doing well, I saw spinach and peppers sprouting and the beans and peas are doing great.

I stuck my pitchfork in the soil deep and pulled up a big clod of clay and the compost materials that were sitting on top. It was time to see how things were going with the of 1200 worms approximately that I released in the past 3 weeks.

My tiny worm warriors are indeed alive and well! They are also fat, the clay had worm holes in it and I checked several locations and found worms every time, there are also mushrooms growing. The important thing is they are working their way through the clay, I am excited about the progress they are making.

We went to see the horses and the family that runs the barn where working on stalls so we pitched in a little and helped so they could get done. Kylie and I also cleaned the parrots cages which needed to be done really bad.

Nana was a bad bird today, I put a pizza in the oven for lunch and she managed to stay calm while it baked but as soon as it came out she wanted some. She was having a cow but the pizza was just to hot, I finally smacked her on the foot with a pot holder and told her she had to wait like everyone else. She gave me the I'm appalled look she has, climbed up on to her high perch and pouted. After the pizza cooled, I dropped pepperoni with melted cheese into her bowl, she put her pride aside and scuttled down to eat her helping of pizza. Then finally she took a nap and all was well and quiet at least for awhile.   

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