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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rain is welcome and the mist that follows

This morning I fed the ponies in their little building because it was raining pretty steadily, later in the day when is was just sprinkling and there was a mist I let them out. It struck me as such a peaceful setting that I took their picture.

I went out after work to visit the big horses, it was just before feeding time and I brushed them both out, they are still shedding some. Cody had taken a mud bath earlier in the day and it had dried which when brushing him helps remove the loose hair stuck to the dried mud. I used a large furminator I had purchased for dogs, it is a great tool for the type of fur horses has and is better than a curry. Aubrey has a sleek shiny coat, Cody's is a little thicker but slick none the less.

Kylie is finally finished with school and her last week of tests, she is off till Sunday with her best friend  at an event she goes to every year with her friends family. She worked hard and I am glad she is going. When she gets back she will have to do more around here through the summer and we'll have to see about a written driving test and get her started on getting her license.

Today I bought her an inexpensive pair of high heals for her trip, she's over do for such things and she was so excited to get them. Kylie is turning into a woman, she's going to be 16 in July. The time flies really, I can still see her as a little girl with dimples.

There are many things I wish I could have done for Kylie that given the situation I haven't been able to. God has always provided though, the important things. I wish I could get her a pony cart, she has the harness so she could have some fun with pony before she gets to old to enjoy such things.

She has been thinking a lot about her future and what she may want to pursue as an adult. She is very artistic and has a strong desire to pursue education and a career in the arts except recently she has been doing research and realizes that is not where the money is basically.

Kylie is also a fan of science, she loves it as a matter of fact. She's been researching careers she might be interested in that involves science and that might appeal to her and give her a decent rate of income. She wants to do something to help people too.

Kylie said to me, I hate to think of money but I want to live well and I told her that making money is not a bad thing it is what you choose to do with it. I want most of all for Kylie to be okay and be able to survive if ever something should happen to me. I want her to live comfortably but I also want her to be a good person, be generous and to give back. I know Kylie is growing up to be a fine young lady and I'm proud of her.

Not there aren't really irritating teenage moments mind you, I can get very frustrated with her with her sleeping habits, messiness and sometimes back talk, not to mention being slow as Moses sometimes. All normal stuff, nothing earth shattering yet.

The dogs and Nana were really bummed to see the suit case come out, the dogs walked around all sad and Nana made it known that she wanted attention and then carried on when she saw Kylie leave. I am enjoying some alone time but that won't last, I'll be happy to see her by Sunday.

The beans in the garden that I planted last weekend are about 2 inches above ground now and we'll see what else pops up. The rain sure makes a difference, some mushrooms had started showing up which means the composting has finally started from the increase in moisture. We have a zillion strawberries growing and they are starting to ripen.

It's hard to believe summer is actually here and it will be over before you know it. 

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