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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The war of flies

I have recently encountered a fly that has been biting our horses that I have never seen before, they look like a fly crossed with a yellow jacket. They are aggressive and leave bloody spots where they have bitten.

Tonight I went to the store and bought the best fly spray I could find. Cody and Pony both had welts and blood on their fur. The darker horses didn't seem to be bitten up as much. I've never had this kind of fly problem before. We have many fly predators in the pony barn, there are few flies in the barn where Cody and Aubrey are but they went out to pasture and got bit really bad.

The neighbors have a beautiful pond and they use their grass clippings as mulch which may add extra breeding areas for certain types of flies. I suspect the hot temperatures and heavy rains are also the cause.

 I am thinking it will probably be a really bad flea season too, I hate parasites. I wrestled with Pony this morning to worm him, he and bit started rubbing their tails. Pony hates  to be wormed and will struggle at first with a great deal of energy. I let him back himself into the corner and it took awhile for him to stop rearing his head every time I brought they syringe up, in the end he got the complete dose he needed it without knocking part of it out on the ground. No more tail rubbing and tomorrow a good spray down for the flies.

This weekend will be work in the house and yard a plenty. With the rain it will be trimming and more trimming, the dogs have to be bathed and the house vacuumed and dusted.

Tomorrow I will know how bat my tooth is and see if they can put the crown back or not. Today was one of those days when the morning was a series of problems. For one, Micah caught a bird, killed it and attempted to eat it. Outside of course, he never tries to kill the parrots.

It went on from there so it wasn't a stunningly simple day but that's life I guess.

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