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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Feeling great today

I have been sleeping more than I have in years these past few days. When I became a single mom years ago I went from sleeping well to 5 to 7 hours max sleeping time. With work and my daughter I just had to cut sleep out to keep up with everything. I've been sleep deprived for so long it just seemed normal.

I have not been feeling well and just run down, depressed, and I have been decompressing from the past couple of years stress lately so I have just wanted to sleep, I have had no appetite and have been consuming less caffeine and smoking less.

I have started going to bed earlier and I take a nap during the day or after work and I have to admit I am starting to feel better than I have in years. It's interesting because when I don't sleep enough I am always hungry, I am restless and I seem to have more anxiety.

Years ago before becoming a single mom I always went to bed on time, took naps and didn't have a problem with over eating. My room has a nice ceiling fan and there are two central air units in this house one for the upstairs where the bedrooms are and one for the lower levels of the house. The lower level is always cool, upstairs it does get warmer and I have everything set at 72 upstairs. It works really well because I am not keeping the whole house cool when we only need the air sometimes upstairs. With the ceiling fans, open windows, or the air I can sleep very comfortably at anytime.

It's like waking up in a new life in ways because I have actually started reprogramming myself to stop and take care of myself before launching into everything I feel I need to get done or doing for everyone else. I haven't had the freedom to live that way in a very long time.

The feeling of being bloated, hungry, sluggish all those things were getting really bad but with sleeping more I wake up feeling less of those things. I have almost completely lost my appetite, some days I've hardly eaten but feel okay. I drank so much coffee too that now I don't to need as much which has to be good.

Anyway, another great thing about today is my worms came. I was in the garage when the mail truck pulled down the driveway, the dogs barking like crazy. I waited till the mail truck pulled out and went on its way before running to the door and grabbing the important package.

I have released my little warriors, they came healthy and ready to roll. Hopefully, they will survive and multiply relatively fast, I won't know for a little while.  One thing is for sure, it's going to take a long, long time to get decent soil at this place.

Looking at the clock now, time for bed. 

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