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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sinus/Allergy headache

I have a headache in my eye, that's what happens when you run the trimmer you get an allergy/sinus headache the next day. I don't feel like doing anything now. Rain again, I'll mow tomorrow or Monday. My brother is coming down this evening and I am going to take him out to eat.

Not sure if I will see the horses today, maybe in a couple of hours. I hate feeling this way, I will be taking an allergy pill tonight. The house is nice and cool, I enjoy the coolness of the rooms and relaxing during the weekend.

My books arrived for dog massage, I am going to start working on Dusti to make him feel better. It will be good for me to practice with him and learn more about dogs by observing him. It will also give me so me something else to think about besides work, the yard, and all the other chores I let myself get stressed about.

Micah rolled in poop this morning so he got a good bath, I dremelled all the dogs nails and got them really short this time so they could walk without their nails getting in the way. Cooper is the only one that I end up having to clip with nail clippers, I will corner him tomorrow, he does have white nails so they are easy to do.

The other dogs will each get baths soon and get their coats blown out. It helps with the fur on the inside of the house and they smell better too. Dusti has allergies and he will really enjoy a good bath and a good blow out of his coat.

The weekend will have came and gone very fast, I get things done but never all I would like to. 

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