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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Enjoying God's blessings

We got good rain today which we needed, after work and the sun started shining I went out to cut some grass. I mowed the front yard and the ducks were roaming around eating bugs and rooting around in the wet soil. They gingerly walked around as I mowed.

Early in the day I had noticed a large wild bunny outside my bedroom window eating a dandelion and two brightly colored finches, as yellow as the dandelions. The sun was setting and I noticed in the rear flower garden a tiny hummingbird flying from bloom to bloom, the barn swallows were out and we have a nest in the little building where the ponies stay, the parents perch on the fence while I go in and out.

I drove past the strawberry patch while cutting grass and the plants were weighted down with strawberries and some of them were ripe. I went and got a bowl and filled it with fresh strawberries, nothing in the store taste like these. I'll be freezing them and the neighbor is going to help us make jam in the winter months.

With the rain and leaving the grass cuttings to go back into the soil I saw some mushrooms growing which is a good sign that the soil has some nutrients in it. I am all about good soil, the neighbors use roundup every week but I just can't do it. We bought white vinegar to use on weeds where necessary but there are too many animals around and the ground is too poor to be spraying poison everywhere. Things may not be picture perfect but it will still be beautiful. The vegetable garden will have weeds and stray grass but no poison, it will look a little messy but the vegetables will still taste good regardless.

We do have some beautiful landscaping and flowers all around, it truly is delightful to look at. and see all the creatures that benefit from it as well.  

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