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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Political views

I am not one to get into too many political conversations, I do have my feelings about candidates and different topics. Though I have my own views I have never failed to see someone else's point of view and respect them.

Unfortunately, some people can't do the same, they would rather be rude and nasty to someone with different views. I am going to vent now because I just feel it necessary to let out some of the things I have been mulling for a long time.

I despise small mindedness, I strongly dislike other people ridiculing others when they have never lived without food, insurance, basic needs. Some poor people have worked hard all of their lives and never accepted government help and because they are poor, they are lumped with some people who work the system. If they have no money or education they become nonhuman I suppose.

I also know that if you have not lived in another country that isn't so the US, then you don't have a clue as to how blessed you are regardless of what party is in office. The fact that I can write this rant because I live in a free country is more important than political parties.

I am tired of people wanting semi automatic weapons and acting like babies that someone took a toy away from. I'm sorry but you can put a teacher in the school with a gun and think they are going to have a shoot out with someone with an automatic rifle and take them down and save the day.

I figure if one person with a gun has enough guts to try and shoot someone wielding an automatic weapon they probably have one chance if that. Of course we could give teachers automatic weapons that will be next. We as Americans can standby while innocent children are gunned down and say we can't give up weapons that can kill many people rapidly and just be satisfied with a personal firearm. A shot gun in a home break in is by far the best defense, everyone knows what a shotgun sounds like when it's being primed to fire and no one wants to anywhere near the direction it's fired at.

I think too many people play video games and watch movies and think because they own a gun they have the courage to kill another human being. I was raised in a home that always had a gun in it, my mom left it out with bullets laying around when I was a kid. I also have owned guns but I will say I have no use for them unless I know without a doubt that I would shoot an intruder to protect my daughter. Otherwise, brandishing a firearm is just childish and aside from hunting gives me the impression people want to be little gangsters and like being intimidating because they don't have anything else going for them.

I however am not paranoid, I don't dream of people coming to break in my house, take over the country or have any delusions about being safe just because I have a gun. Again, owning one is fine but   are you prepared to kill or to be shot at, I love John Wayne but Americans have bought into the idea that we are like the guys we see on TV and you know it's just a load of crap, it's an ideal and maybe before an American can buy an automatic weapon they should tour the school with the blood of innocent children still on the walls.

The asses that have denied the parents of these children at least some change to prevent murder in schools on such a large scale. What will it take? The children of the NRA leaders to be gun down in school to finally get some sort of reasoning back into gun control.

I've heard enough about Obama, how many people were against him because he was black. His critics have been more disrespectful to him than any other president. Saying crazy things like he isn't even a US citizen, if you are going to insult the guy at least be intelligent about it.

Before you even start with Obama who gave Bush a free pass to go, didn't he really leave a  mess. I don't always agree with Obama's decisions no more than other presidents but he is the president, and he to me seems a most caring person. I have great respect for him as a person. I should be able to say that without being treated like an idiot.

 I have views about religion. People's sins are no one else's business because our own sins are our business first and all of the time. Who on this earth has a right to say what God considers a worse sin than another. I see the hate and the judgement and the bible being used to be hurtful, turning people away from the love of God because all they see is the ugliness of people. Now, tell me if that isn't a terrible sin, to turn people away from God's love and cost them their souls.

Okay so my last point is, people rave about how wonderful animals are, how we could learn from them. Well... lets learn from them then and starting treating people better, you know the way animals do even though a person doesn't deserve it.

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