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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ponies and grass

Bit our mini and Pony our little Shetland are on grass with an electric fence. They actually can clean out a pretty big area fast so today was move the fence day so they could have more grass. This time they have a large portion of tall grass in which you can see the top of Bit and his ears as he walks around. The grass they are eating used to be a nice hay field which it actually still would be. I don't think they will be complaining and they'll have to come in some because they will get fat again.

Cody is looking great and Aubrey to everyone's surprise is still growing, in fact, he may make it to 16 hands easily. Aubrey's withers are about at our eye level or above and his head towers over Kylie. He's all legs and back, still the beautiful Arab trot and he has a beautiful face. I'm not sure exactly what else is in him but he's big like Raul's was and the shape of his face is very similar. Aubrey is red but has some roan in his coat too. All Kylie can say is gee, I didn't really want a huge horse but I guess I have one. His behind is still taller than his withers and I've heard that means he's not done growing, we'll have to measure him again soon and see where he is.

Aubrey is a  bit head shy and very sensitive, it is funny to watch Kylie and him work through that. She was trying to brush him at the top of his neck and he was not having it so she grabbed his face and wouldn't let go even though he is so tall now, she told him to behave and he finally lowered his head looking all sad because he made her mad. It was cute to watch.

Cody is so easy but he was so much worse when he was young compared to Aubrey, Kylie doesn't believe me but I found some pictures of Cody recently when I bought him and he was carrying on and she thought maybe I was telling the truth like the time he chased me out of the corral and bit me in the back of my calf. Yes, he was a bad, unbroke 2 year old stud colt.

I ordered some fried pickles the other day and was astounded to find that Nana bird ate one. She always wants what I am eating so I thought well let her have a taste of this, she ate it and liked it. She is a piggy bird.

Dogs are all good, I still have to give them all a bath and do their nails, I guess I'll get to it eventually. I've been so tired and sleepy lately, I just knock out one thing at a time and then rest.  

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