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Monday, June 17, 2013

More calls for retirement for horses

I received two calls today about care for senior horses, I just feel bad because there is a great need for this service. I have to throw up my hands and say if only, but it isn't possible for me to do it. I don't know what the future holds or if I could ever do it again, when you commit to caring for senior horses they pass away.

It has been my experience when a senior horse nears the end of his time that you as a caretaker spend a great deal of time watching over them, and you begin to bond to them and then they are gone. Owner's can't be at the barn every minute and so to really take care of a senior that begins to be frail, if you are really caring for them you get emotionally involved. Loss is hard and you grieve, I still grieve for some of the horses that I cared for that were not mine.

To ever do it again, I would be deliberately choosing to be hurt in a way and to see some things that not easy to bare. So, I leave the future up to the Lord and whatever His will is then I do, I won't worry about it now. I just give what advise I can to those who call.

Lots of senior dogs on facebook being dumped, what can I say about that except humans are cruel and selfish. I have to skip over the photo's as fast as I can because I either get real mad or I get real sad about seeing them.

We got a ton of rain today, I got some of the lawn mowed and then had to quit. Well I'll do the rest tomorrow, at least it's cooler now.  

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