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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just couldn't take it anymore

A dog I know was adopted from a shelter, she had issues and I knew the owner and the dog. The owner did not want to deal with the dogs issues after months of having her and took her back to the rescue and dumped her. Of course the dog is going to have even more issues especially with trust.

I contacted the rescue and volunteered to work with the dog in anyway I could to help her work through issues if she is adopted out again. I'd take the dog myself but four is enough and she deserves a home where she gets lots of attention, I can however make it easier for her to adjust so she won't get dumped again.

It kept eating at me you know, I just hate what people do sometimes especially so called animal lovers. Just like any child, being placed over and over again can compound issues and it works that way with animals to, they learn not to trust anyone and they feel a sense of betrayal, Cooper took 2 years to finally accept us as his forever home.

Nana took almost a year to stop biting and being angry and accept us as her flock. The worst is when an owner dumps a senior which happens a lot with horses. They think a horse can just go out to some magical farm with a pasture and be forgotten so that the owner's can move on. Horses love their humans, food and care are important but so is the bond over the years that they come to trust.

It isn't acceptable to teach children it is okay to dump senior animals either, it could come back to haunt the parents when they are old and in the way.

I got more worms for the garden, when the box arrived and I opened it the contents looked like a twisted brain wiggling around (nice visual huh), it took all of a minute for them to disappear in the ground. I think I have freed enough tiny warriors for now, I look forward to see how it goes in a few weeks and if they manage to multiply.

Humid today, more rain and some storms. It's more like spring this week than summer but I'm not complaining, just like to see everything green and growing.

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  1. I hate that some people treat pets as a commodity too, it makes me so cross when the whim is over they just dump them - it's good to know that there are good folk like you that go the extra mile to help them. I hope the dog finds a forever home soon.
    Rose H