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Sunday, November 28, 2010

This day can end now!

Days can be deceiving as they can start out okay and then turn to crap. I woke happy and relaxed and went about my usual chores and then came in to get Kylie to start her day because she had an orthodontist appointment. I took her to the appointment, went to the feed store in Copley, and then to Petsmart because Annabelle was almost out of Avi-cakes and that would be a disaster for us all because when a Cockatoo wants something they will let you know.

When I got back I fed Satire and did more chores and let the big three out and by that time my dog grooming appointment arrived. The appointment went so, so.... the dog is very sweet but afraid and didn't respond well to commands. She warned me when I went to clip her side and she was hard to clip so I gave her a bath and dried her. She did well for the two later but the clipping was rough.

As soon as I finished the dog and she went home I went into the house and we got company in the barn. An older couple had found us on the internet and they wanted to see me because they had an elderly neighbor who must leave her home and has an elderly horse with no place to go. I agreed to meet the owner and go see the horse before I agreed to anything. I jumped in the big yellow pickup with Kylie and off we went. The truck started making some bad noises but we proceeded. I met the owner of the horse and got the story and the horse Angel who is 25. I told them I would have to speak to the horses vet and I would think about it overnight.

Back to the barn to do chores, Kylie and I had missed lunch and dinner at this point. I decided to go get the few things we needed for Thanksgiving dinner at the store so I wouldn't have to get them on the next day when the stores would be packed. Again, we jumped into the pickup and went to the store. By this time I was fried pretty much so we got the things we needed and then I realized I had lost the cash in my pocket somewhere in the store... never to be found. It really upset me but then I have never had that happen except one other time. I just decided the good Lord must have had a different purpose for it and someone must have needed it more. But, I knew I needed to go home and to eat and get some sleep.

Yes, the day could end. I was too tired that night to finish this post so I am writing it now five days later!

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