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Friday, November 5, 2010

Horses, Goodwill, and Angels in Disguise

Kylie and I got off to a good start. We had a telephone conference with her teacher and she is doing okay but needs to complete more hours online. I can give her credit for many things she does with me that involve math, reading, tech stuff, and other life experiences.

We moved on to finding an outfit for her to wear to a church function. We went to Goodwill to see if we could find some skirts etc. We came away with a nice overstuffed winter vest for the barn, a couple of hats, some jeans and a dress. Kylie ended up wearing something I had in my closet with a nice blouse. She went to a womans retreat with some friends and had such a good time she's going tomorrow.

When we got back to the barn we played around a bit with Shirley and Preacher. Kylie and I both rode Preacher and then Shirley showed us some things with Aubrey who is a fast learner. Later in the evening I cleaned Satire's stall and I lunged Cody. I will have to really clean stalls tomorrow because we are out of sawdust and I'm going to get some in the A.M. I put Cody in cross ties and brushed him and moisturized his mane and tail.

While I was out in the barn my friend Kim called and asked if I wanted something to eat because she was picking something up. So she brought me some Chipolte.

Aubrey pulled off the board next to his stall and exposed an electrical outlet which I was going to try to cover tonight. I called Griff and asked him if he had any electrical stuff. Within a half an hour he pulled in with a friend and they shortened the tubing and wires that went to the outlet and secured it above the stall. It is much safer now and will not be a danger to any horse. They also secured a loose outlet and fixed the connectors that were busted.

The little things that people do that are unexpected really relieve a great deal of stress for me. I work hard and I'm pretty handy but I am only one person. The Lord has sent me some pretty remarkable helpers lately. Ones that have helped me for simple things like grooming their dog that got into burrs, a pie and some coffee. All very simple things.

There is also a TP fairy in the block building which is much appreciated.

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