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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Not one of my better days...

This morning started out pretty quiet and I thought I'd stay in the house for awhile but then the previous owners father came by to finish fixing the furnace in the block building where I do dog grooming and kenneling. I left him cursing at a rusty pipe and went into the barn and helped Kylie with Aubrey and Cody.

The next thing Randy comes and he trims five horses. The last one was Mac and his stall is where the water hydrant is where he can hang his head out of the stall. I was thinking I'd let him out soon and left his halter on forgetting about the Hydrant (I knew myself or someone would make that mistake sooner or later).

I decided instead to let the other horses out first and then let Mac and Billy out later and went in the house for a little while and Kylie returned to the barn to find that Mac had gotten his halter caught on the hydrant handle and broke it off.

I pulled the old pump handle of another hydrant that was in the feed room. I called Griff to see if he had a large wrench to try and open a valve on another hydrant which he dropped off but it wasn't the right wrench so I went back to fixing the other hydrant. I put the handle on but had trouble lining up the bolts and called Dave for advise. We were discussing the possibilities when I took my finger and pushed down on the rod by accident which was all it took to line everything up.  So, I have that feeling where I could kick myself for letting it happen but feel better that I could fix it.

By the end of the day we had gotten everyone out of the barn, cleaned the stalls and cleaned things up. I didn't feel overall that I accomplished much in the day but the furnace is fixed without any cost to me, the hooves all trimmed, and I learned how to change a pump handle without water gushing all over the barn and drowning the horses!

Tomorrow will be a sawdust day. We need more to keep up with the manure of mass destruction!

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