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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day of Interesting Occurrences

Today was a bit unusual because we had an interesting visitor. A women stopped by the farm who had been interested in buying it but was afraid of the work and repairs. She works with horses and handicapped kids and needs to rent stalls for the winter to use the indoor arena. I liked the idea right off the bat and so we will be getting together to see if it will work for the months of January through April.

Bravo and Riley went home this afternoon. They are two dogs we kenneled for the week. I gave them both baths this morning and brushed and dried them. They will be back before the holidays for another bath and they will be back in January and February for more kenneling.

It occurred to me that this week coming is Thanksgiving. I will need to clean the sun room up and the rest of the house as I will be having dinner here with my brother. I could go to a friends but since this is our first year here I'd like to do a small one for us. So, I am going to be busy in the house this week and try to get everything ready.

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