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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sawdust, Mowers, Busting my Knee, Pie, a Fat Stubborn Horse and Too Many Dogs

This morning I was sure I wouldn't do that much and get started on the walls in the sun room and catch up on laundry. I didn't get those things even started but here is what I did do. I found two chubby quarter horses outside the  barn door this morning ready to come in. I cleaned their stalls and fed the rest of the horses and let pony and bit out.

I spread manure, shoveled the rest of the sawdust out of the back of the pick up truck and hosed it off. I disengaged the gears on the riding mower so I could push it into the block building to keep it out of the weather. I walked to the house to start laundry by way of the basement door and stepped on a piece of plywood that was wet and fell.

The plywood is partially buried by the door because the guy who owned the house before ripped off the garage and left a big hole and never filled it in. He planned on expanding the house but gave up because him and his wife split. So, there is a big hole next to the house with dirt and gravel piled up and a plywood ramp half buried at an angle that happens to be as slick as ice when it is wet.

The plywood is no more because after tearing my knee apart and wrenching my arm when I fell (bawling my eyes out and then taking a shower) I went and got my sledge hammer and shovel. It is in pieces and under shovels of dirt and gravel so no one will fall again. I am now sitting in my chair with ice on me knee and will be very stiff tomorrow.

After pushing the mower my neighbor who has been working on it came over to put the starter in and unfortunately it was the wrong one. He is charging the battery overnight since it had sat for so long and is pretty much dead. I bought a pie at the store and convinced him even though he was sulking to have a piece. I didn't have to do much persuading.

I decided to exercise one of Kylie's dad's horses since he hadn't been worked in a few days. Billy is a huge (trying not to say fat here) quarter horse. It went okay but Billy is pretty stubborn and he is in need of some serious exercise. I've cut down on his daily rations but he really needs a regular exercise program and to burn some of the fat he has accumulated.

The dog watching is going well but it is crowded and awkward at times since we have two pack leaders in the same house. I have to stay vigilant when they are all together so there are no squabbles. I have utilized the block building during the day so that Bravo and Riley have some space and my dogs have theirs.

I know tomorrow I will be very sore and stiff. Hopefully, the discomfort will ware off if I get up and get moving.


  1. Sorry you injured you knee Carol - hope the ice works well and you're not too sore tomorrow. You've certainly got you hands full....hope you can get some help 'till your knee feels better.
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  2. I'm okay, just sore. My knee felt much better this morning but of course by the end of the day it was hurting but thank goodness nothing broken!