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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Mother of All Hay Days

The good Lord must have known this Saturday was going to be over the top for me. I was originally supposed to work at a local kennel all morning and my dad was supposed to come in the late evening. My dad is a trip and a half and exhausting because he is very eccentric and self centered. Also, we were getting the new horse, and three hay deliveries and Monti needed bathed and picked up.

The kennel called and they didn't need me after all and my dad called and he had car trouble and wasn't coming. Thank goodness.

The first to arrive was the horse Angel. She did well but hadn't seen another horse in years or sawdust. She was nervous and excited but happy and she finally went into her stall. We had to have Mac move back to Dave's parents farm for the stall space so he came next to pick up Mac.

Next instead Angel's hay coming to us, I went with Dusty and Kylie and we picked it up. Dave had returned with hay for Billy by the time we got back. After unloading Dusty's truck he was off to get the rest of Angel's hay and the big hay delivery came. So, 200 bales of hay in the loft which is a barn owner's blessing.

Everyone worked so hard to get it done. My truck went to Seville for repairs and so a quiet evening but enough events for one day to be sure.

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