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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunshine and Productivity

Today was a much better today I think because the sun was out and things were bright.  Started out with chores and letting the little ones out to pasture. When I came back Dave had stopped by and was working on moving the bars on some of the stalls so we don't have another repeat of the pump incident.

Shirley came and we all had some fun watching her work with Echo and we let the big three out. Kylie and Shirley worked with Aubrey some and he is doing very well but is very smart which is good and bad. Kylie will have to find ways to keep ahead of him.

I took down the hanger for the picks and made one for the new barn broom which is awesome. I also put up some screws to hang the lunge whips on as I am always trying to find which wall or corner one of them is leaning on. Now everything has a place and should be easier to find.

I played with the birds and put a new rope perch in Annabelle's cage so she can get into her birdie tent at night. She shredded her old one but that is what they are for. Annabelle will need a new tent soon as she has made holes all over to crawl out of and there isn't much fabric left.

The dogs were stinky and loosing bushels of hair so I washed and groomed all four in a grooming assembly line. They have all crashed now and are sleeping. They look and smell really nice and their fur is all shiny. I am hoping for less hair and dander in the house for awhile. Trimmed nails too because I hate when they step on my feet it hurts.

I expect it will be a busy day tomorrow. I have some business to take care of and calls to make. I have one more thing that I have been putting off and that is the litter box in the basement. Not one of my favorite chores but it must be done.

I hope to start working more with Cody. He is a great horse and I love him. It is time to do new things together and enjoy this place. Maybe there is more to life than manure....

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