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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Crazy day, but not motivated

Cold this evening and the barn gets good and cold. The horses did not want to come in and so I went and got them and let the other ones out. Preacher was naughty because I let loose of him half way to the barn and he turned around and went right back out.

I ended up messing with the pump again because it has an adjustment on it that has to be just right or the water doesn't turn completely off. Our new neighbor came over to fix the toilet ring because I traded for grooming their dog and he helped me adjust it. We also turned the water on that controls the sprinklers and so I moved the hose out of the middle of the barn to the faucet over their to simplify things.

I ended up walking out in the rain to catch two other horses tonight. I was instructed that they would be okay but I didn't have the heart to leave them in the cold rain all night. Just can't do it. I gave everyone extra hay for the night and came in to get warmed up.

I was really blessed with the family that took the old house they are just so very nice. God blesses me in so many ways.

This day started out and I thought I am going to stay in the house and rest but you know when you plan on that everyone else doesn't cooperate. When I did go to the barn to start stalls I was dragging but in spite of not being motivated things did get taken care of.

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