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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dogs ears, tractors, and confessing

I have two Goldens who get yeast in their ears. I have a special product that will eliminate the yeast and prevent it from growing but when I use it ears on my dogs the ear flapping sounds afterwards like a helicopter. I need to use it more often and then things wouldn't get so out of hand. I love my Goldens but their allergies can be hard to manage.

The Russian got two new batteries today. I am getting it ready for a buyer to look at. I love the thing but it is too big to keep in the barn and too big for me. I put the clutch down on it today and I could hardly hold it down cause I am too short. I will be selling it and making more than I paid for it and so I am content.

Sometimes when you share your thoughts with someone it can complicate a friendship. I am hoping for simplicity and I am trying to resist stirring the pot so to speak in order to keep it simple. My nature is to get into mischief so this is a true test :)

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