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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Day After, and Then Some

Went to barn to clean some stalls. The dog who is staying overnight arrives. I love Monti he is an awesome lab mix. While his owner is dropping him off I get a call from someone in town from Wyoming who wants to drop their dog off for a bath and pet sit while the shop. 

So, stall cleaning, dog washing and another pet sit. I did an intense stall cleaning because after talking to the vet I decided to take the senior mare for the elderly lady under certain conditions. I figured it would work out and the Lord would bless for helping out since the lady couldn't pay the full board but she had 80 bales of hay to give and things have a way of working out if you have faith. 

Unfortunately, while driving to Medina to do the pet sits it turned out that my truck has a major issue which is a u joint. My brother has decided to stay a few days so we have wheels and Kylie's dad has volunteered to fix the truck as I can't afford to fix it now. I also find I think I have a pretty big cavity and will call my dentist to see if he'll take payments which he probably will because he is a pretty generous guy. 

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