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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rain, Bills, Mud and Driving Harnesses

The day was cold and dry in the morning so I let Bit and Pony out. Aubrey got a chance to graze a little too. At lunch time I let the little ones back in and put the three big ones out. It rained later in the day and they got wet and then rolled in the arena.

I took time to get caught up on bills and funs stuff like that. Evening chores were simple since I had cleaned most of the stalls in the morning. The place is muddy but that is all part of the farm seen. We need the rain but I hope we get some more sunshine this month. I can't believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

Dave came up to spend time with Kylie and his horses and Dusty came too and brought a big harness to work Billy with. It was very exciting to see Billy in full gear and Dusty working him. Dusty agrees with me that Billy is too fat and should loose weight and I got his blessing to trim him down some. Billy jiggles all over when he walks so he has some room to cut back.

Dave helped Kylie work Aubrey and it went very well as Aubrey learned he can't spin his hindquarters around. Kylie also put her harness on pony and he was happily going along with her. Pony is like a different little horse now because he is content and likes to have a job and a girl that loves him. I also lunged Cody and brushed the mud off him. His coat is very soft and shiny.

The day was cold and wet but the evening was fun. I started a fire and that always takes the edge off the chilly evenings. Kylie is feeling better today too after last nights trauma. I did get some laundry and house cleaning done but have more to do before things are in order.

I have a Harley parked in the barn and covered and I finally got Griff to admit he is moody. I explained that it is weird for a man to be so moody and that he must have a feminine side but he didn't think that was so. I guess if he has all the mood swings then that saves me the trouble. (laughing here).

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