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Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Young Man's Compliment, 6 Dogs, Aubrey, Mulching Leaves... and More

Today I think was the warmest and prettiest by far. I wore a short sleeve shirt and felt the warmth of the sun on my skin. With winter being so long and drab here, every drop of sunshine is important. We will have two guest dogs until next Saturday and last night was the first overnighter. My dogs had to change the dynamics of the pack to make room. I have a very large German Sheppard sleeping on my feet right now. Micah, who is head of the pack below me is now in third place. The Golden, Riley, is somewhere in the middle.

My bed last night was pouring over with doggies. Heads and tails as far as the eye could see. If it were dead winter I'd have been in heaven. As it was, there was a bit of restlessness that is to be expected as the two new guys get used to being here with us. Breakfast and dinner went well for everyone and the usual going out and coming in for exercise and potty went okay too. The cats and the new dogs are all good as well except Annabelle the Too is a little concerned when Riley stands on his hind legs and puts his paws on her cage to look at what she is eating. I just discovered that Annabelle likes Pringles. I ate a couple in the sun room and she banged on the cage bars with her beak just like a knock at the door. I thought maybe she wanted a chip and yes she did. She wanted it so much she grabbed it and climbed to her higher perch to savor the treat.

I cleaned, Satire's, Mack's, Aubrey's, and Billy's stalls this morning. Afterwards, I lunged Aubrey and then Cody. Aubrey is very obstinate and I worry for Kylie's safety so I put a regular halter and a chain on his halter, over his nose, and up the side of his halter. He persists in turning his rump towards you when he tries to avoid going forward and more control was needed. Aubrey was very funny when he turned his rump around but I could very easily bring his head back around and move him off again. He also learned that he can't crowd me and Kylie is very good at teaching this. He's so smart that he is a real challenge.

I put Pony and Bit outside in the morning until noon and these past two days I have called them and they come from the pasture into the barn on their own. Pony even walks straight into their stall and Bit follows. I'm proud of those guys as they listen very well, at least Pony does.

I spread the manure on the pasture and mulched many of the oak and other leaves that are heavy on the grass. As soon as I moved the leaves the horses moved over and started grazing. The grass will be better next year now that the leaves are cleared from the upper part of the pasture or mulched enough to compost into the soil.

Kylie and I went to Walmart for a couple of things and as we were walking out I commented that I didn't feel old and Kylie said she didn't feel old either (give me a break she is only 13).  A young man was walking near us and paid me a nice compliment that I didn't look as old as I was like his mother. I told him I hoped he told her that often!

It has been quiet here the past few days. There is someone that lives in the neighborhood that visits most days and sometimes I think he is a real hotty but that could just be because there aren't that many guys around. On one hand I miss the playful visits and on the other hand I am annoyed at how he suddenly vanishes for a few days and then reappears like a rabbit in a hat.

I finished cleaning the rest of the stalls before the evening feeding and look forward to a break from cleaning tomorrow. I hung so coat hooks on the back of the sun room door as we always have barn coats etc. that we need to have a place for. I like the sun room because there are lots of shelves, a tile floor, lots of windows and places for the barn stuff so we don't have to drag it all through the rest of the house, it is very much like a mud room. Tomorrow I start filling in places in the sun room to get it ready for winter. The water damage in that room was pretty bad and I need to spread joint compound over the walls and then I will paint them. I will also use something to seal around the windows and put the face plates back on the electrical outlets.

I still have to put some painters compound around the front window and nail the window frame back on and hang the rest of the curtains and pictures. I hope to complete this stuff by Thanksgiving. I managed to take two naps today and I am really sleepy now so time to crash with the dogs for a good nights sleep.

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