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Monday, November 15, 2010

Finances, Being Sore, and Dog Fights

Today started out the same and my knee felt much better. I got a call early by a person wanting to look at the car I have for sale and they came and liked it so it is a done deal. It was a big relief to get it taken care of because I own the truck free and clear so no car payment anymore.

As the day progressed of course my knee started swelling and by the end I was ready to get off of it. We were letting all the dogs go out for potty and there was a dog skirmish. Kylie and I got bit trying to separate them but it was superficial and no stitches or hospital visits. For the rest of the week everyone will have play time in separate groups.

I'm way behind on housework and laundry again so I will try and get caught up tomorrow. As for now, we are all wiped out and I am not even going to attempt to clean anything. Tomorrow will be a better day.

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