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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cody, Peppermint, Mares, Furnaces, Etc.

I rode Cody today with Shirley. She rode Echo and he did well and Cody and I just kind of farted around in the arena but it was good cause Cody got some exercise and attention. There was a peppermint fairy in the barn evidenced by random candy canes placed in the cross tie area.

Angel is a wild girl. No contact with other horses in years, no concept of space or ground manners. She was terrified to see the other horses in the pasture over the gait and at the same time very excited. It will take a while for her to settle in to her new digs and feel secure.

The furnace in the block building appears to be fixed at last. I am so happy!

The etc. is for everything that happened today that I am to tired to describe here. It wasn't a dull day and I enjoyed it very much.

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