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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Barn Routines, Interesting Visitors, and Training

This morning I was surprised to see two plump quarter horses staring in the window at me as I did chores. I have had to walk out to the pasture or drive out to retrieve the new horses but they are catching on to breakfast. It isn't there fault as they have been on pasture 24/7 most of their lives. I like being able to call and have the horses come in but it will take time for these guys to understand the barn routine.

We had an interesting visitor today who stopped by and his name is Dale. He has brought cows and miniature donkeys to pasture down the road for years and I've never met him. Dale had an Australian Cattle dog with him and demonstrated the commands he uses when sending the dog out to herd and to retrieve him. It was awesome and something I hope to learn to train someday as I am a big fan of herding dogs.

Kylie's new horse Aubrey is doing very well. He has a lovely trot and whoas when being free lunged. You can see the horse and her getting closer every day. What a wonderful thing to be able to watch.

Tomorrow I will try and focus more on what needs to be done and less on distractions and chatter. The days go quickly and I have plenty to do before the real winter sets in. I started chili tonight and am keeping up with the laundry and the barn chores are going really well. I have some pet sitting to do tomorrow and Thursday also.


  1. You sound so happy! I'm pleased that the new horses are settling in and beginning to understand the rota...I have always loved horses, but sadly have never had the land, money or time to look after them. My new neighbour has two ponies she keeps nearby - I'm sure I'll be able to pet them though - where did I put those carrots? :o)

  2. Rose, the best ponies are the ones someone else has to take care of but you get all the pets and kisses!