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Friday, November 19, 2010

Less Moody, Thrift Shops, and Horses in the Barn

Had a productive day today and tried to focus on getting things done instead of moody men. Whenever I really need to be left alone because I want my space and time to think or I have lost interest then they suddenly appear.

We went to a big Salvation Army store today and found some great snow boots, a nice LL Bean jacket and some jeans. I am loosing weight and my pants are starting to get too loose (Praise the Lord and Thank You Jesus). Winter clothes are important to work in the barn when the temps fall so we need to be prepared.

It was a nice day for all of the horses and everyone got to stretch their legs either by going out on the big pasture or being free lunged. The two quarters got some exercise in the arena and seemed to have more energy and look like they are loosing some horsey cellulite. Aubrey did a nice job for Kylie lunging so she took him out and let him run in the pasture.

The barn is a nice place for horses and they all seem very happy. The two quarters are starting to get a little more cuddly with us and all the other horses are very warm and loving. It is a great peaceful environment for everyone of human and animal kind. 

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