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Monday, November 1, 2010

Fun, new adventures at Kindred Acres Farm

Spoiling horses this morning and trying to get everyone on a turnout schedule. Today wasn't dull but busy. Kylie and I are learning new things with the new horse Coalton who will probably receive a new name soon. Shirley was of great assistance showing us some of the training she has learned from different horse trainers. The methods are gentle and geared to teach and not to force. Since this young horse doesn't know very much it is like writing on a new sheet of paper.

Kylie is very anxious about things and torn. I let her take time to work pony and bit and Cody tonight while I cleaned stalls. Pony was very happy to have her attention back as was Cody. Preacher got a relaxing groom and then she did a little work with Coalton. He is beginning to respond to her and look to her for affection. She is starting to warm up to him too.

I had fun trying to get the other new horses in after dark from the big pasture. They were good for me but it is getting cold outside and they weren't sure where they were supposed to go so I guided them. They need to romp some because they have a high level of energy.

Glad to be in and will be taking a long hot shower to get rid of the chill.

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