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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Drama, Drama, Sawdust, Drama

We had a real down pour this morning and some nice big puddles. I waited till this afternoon to go get sawdust and Kylie wanted to look at tack so we did. I bought a used saddle pad I had been eying forever and we found a nice leather halter for Aubrey that was half off.

We went to the feed store and I gave them a hard time as I feel this is my job. I did get sawdust and some new feed to start Cody and Aubrey on. After a label comparison it seems the feed may be better then the feed I have bought before and it's cheaper.

We came home to play around with the new stuff and we had several visitors.  It seems tonight wasn't a good night to do family horse stuff as some folks weren't in the best of moods. Thank goodness the horses were and Cody was the gentlemen he always is, I love him so for being so sweet and willing to please. I rode him again a little tonight and ordered some reins tonight too. I'd like to ride him a little everyday like I used to if I can.

I was pretty down this evening afterwards because of some drama so I ventured over to visit the neighbor and had a sip of moonshine. Interesting stuff, I don't drink but sure needed to just get my mind off of things and relax. I didn't get totally drunk or anything just sort of sleepy. I feel better now and I enjoyed the company and just talking. Maybe I have discovered a new form of therapy... we'll see.

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