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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Long very odd day....

My plans were thwarted, the ones where I was going to relax a little today. Things that should have taken just a couple of hours just ate up the day. The fence was tested today by an unsuspecting victim and it all works very well!

The big three went out and had a nice time this afternoon. Our new horse friends got out a little to figure out the area around the barn and the arena. With the big pasture open things seem to be getting back to normal. Everyone will get a chance to be out even the little ones and that's a good feeling. I want this place to be a good place for horses and I like seeing them happy.

Sawdust came out of the truck fairly easy and the stalls were cleaned and layered with fresh sawdust. I will probably pick up another load soon and make a trip to Amish Country for some oats for winter.

We did manage to make a nice fire tonight and this house is easy to clean so tomorrow I will tidy it up.

The new family is moved into the old house and they stopped by to finalize paperwork. They are really nice and I think there will be some fun to be had as the kids will spend time together and with all the animals. I want to visit the chickens now that they have been moved in to!

The fire is really warm and relaxing and the dogs are all sleeping. Kylie is here and drawing. We'll go to bed in a little while but it is nice to just have some time to hang out.

I'm thinking about making stew this week and chili for colder weather. I can't believe Thanksgiving will be coming up soon.

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