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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Man and His Feminine Side, Farm Sitting, and Sunshine

Today started out very well as my new/used coffee maker made the coffee as scheduled and it tasted great. I had ran vinegar and salt through it last night to clean it and wasn't sure if all the residue was out. The sun was shining and I went to a farm not far from here to meet the owner and her horses for a possible job farm sitting for her in the future. It was a very nice place and the owner was especially nice so I look forward to having her as a client.

We returned to the farm to free horses and to clean stalls. I finished most of them and Kylie and I and a friend headed towards Fairlawn to snipe some discounts after the holidays. Kylie and I were planing on going to a couple of stores that would be what could best be described as stores women would appreciate more than men. Since our friend happened to be a man I have to say he was very graceful about the experience except he decided to spray himself with very expensive woman's cologne. Not knowing of course that the expensive stuff really stays on. The rest of the afternoon I must say smelled really good and someone was a little self conscious about other men thinking maybe he might be interested in them. (I enjoyed that part)

We finally came back to the farm and finished chores and I had a conference call and now have some cleaning to catch up on. I'll be calling to check on my friend tomorrow to see how the fumigating of clothes went this evening!

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