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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saturday, everyone comes at the same time

My brother comes, then Dusty and Nick to deliver wood, Michelle, Gloria, and then Dave. All within 30 minutes of each other!

We have some nice firewood to help keep us warm for a few weeks and some more groceries. Gloria brought sawdust and the starter on the tractor was sent out to be rebuilt. Everyone comes and helps in one way or another.

Angel our mare who was in a field by herself for at least 15 years got to visit with pony and Billy. Pony was not interested in Angel and let us all know he wasn't making friends. Billy a nice gelding did well with her and Angel being a bit bossy actually did very well. We all hope to have Angel out to pasture with a buddy in the spring. She is already doing better as she isn't good with manners or space. She's very sweet and I am glad she has come to us. Dave who is an experienced horse trainer (Kylie's Dad) helped us by introducing Angel safely to the big door to the arena and the small paddock. He is taller then me or Shirley which helps because Angel really doesn't respect space at all.

Billy is becoming friendly to people instead of aloof as he was when he first came. He is a quarter horse gelding with a very large butt! Billy can be a little pushy but he is doing very well now. I will have to take pictures of Angel and Billy so everyone can see them to put a muzzle with a name.

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