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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dusti is barn dog today

Dusti is our senior dog and he was Courage's best buddy until Courage passed with cancer. At the old place Courage and Dusti and I would feed the horses together morning and night. We did the chores together for years. This morning while petting Dusti I was reminded of the pleasure Dusti had when he would accompany me to the barn each day.

Today I decided that I would only take Dusti and we would have one on one time in the barn. He was like a puppy spinning around and barking with joy. He is a very well behaved boy and with four dogs it is easy for him to get lost in the chaos. He loves rides in the truck and scratches and cheese and barn chores.

He mourned the loss of Courage and was a little lost for awhile without him. It was difficult for all of us to loose such a good friend but Dusti saved Courage's life because Courage had chronic separation anxiety. We tried everything and nothing worked. The vet felt the best thing was to put Courage to sleep. I couldn't have that so I brought a puppy home for Courage. He didn't know what to do at first but then he took over teaching Dusti how to climb stairs and go into his crate and how to play. Courage was a new dog after Dusti came and never had separation anxiety anymore.

Dusti is quiet and well mannered now, gone are the days of stealing socks and underwear or chewing whatever he can find. Such a good boy.

Dusti as a puppy

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  1. I'm enjoying the stories of each dog. This is a sweet one.