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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Marathon Day

I enjoyed today's training session and it actually seems like a fun job. It is very fast paced and I like it because time flies.

I'm tired though. I started with chores this morning and changing into business casual and working till 6 and coming home to pick stalls and finish feeding. Kylie gave Satire his food at 6 and hayed everyone and I did the rest when I got home.

Next was some laundry and updating my home computer and installing software. I got stuck with a phone issue which I'll have to resolve tomorrow if I can.

I got a grand welcome from Nannabelle Sugie and the dogs this evening. I  missed them all and my lovely horses too. It will be much easier for me once I get in the swing of things working at home in the evening on the phone. My days are for the barn and evenings for picking up a regular cash flow.

I will sleep well tonight because I'm very sleepy now. Starting Thursday I'll be able to work from home and that will be better. Kylie is reading her book to finish up her literature for school and I hope she is able to finish it soon because all of her classes will be up to date. Homeschooling for the first time this year is an adjustment but I like it and Kylie is doing well.

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