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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A productive day in the barn

This morning after feeding horses we went to Norton to pickup sawdust and horse feed. It was a nice drive and the trees were still flocked with snow. Actually, everything was flocked with snow still. We came back and cleaned all of the stalls and let everyone out in one area or another. No one really wanted to stay out for too long except for Aubrey and Billy (aka Dooley) cause of his wide posterior.

Angel girl went in the arena and was fine till she noticed three geldings eying her over the back gate and one whinnied. You would have thought she were being chased by a wild rapid grizzly bear or something. She really thought about jumping up on the handicap ramp by the gate to the stall area of the barn. We had to close the big back doors for her to calm down. She spent the rest of her time standing next to pony and bits enclosure and when she went into her stall she was happy just staring out her window and taking a nap.

Satire went out in the snow for a little while with his buds and everyone got a chance to stretch their legs. I stretched mine carting tubs and wheelbarrows around and I'm thankful for the snow being plowed around the barn.

When I finished the barn work I came in for a shower and we had a special visitor named Jesse. She is the girlfriend of Dusty, Kylie's brother from another marriage etc. She's a very nice person and she helped Kylie with some of her school work. I cleaned up the house and did some laundry and then took Kylie to Fairlawn because we needed some things to add to our chili. I bought some incense at the  Dollar Store to pitch into the fireplace to make the house smell nice. The outside smells good to as the smoke coming from the chimney carries the scent around the neighborhood.

We started the fire when we got home and I added more to the chili for tomorrow. The dogs are here and they are all sleepy. They were out in the backyard playing today on and off. They run and romp around in the snow and chase each other. Four dogs seems like a lot and sometimes it is a little crowded but the upside is that they exercise each other and never have separation anxiety. Just plenty of fur around though but I can take care of that down at my groom shop by the barn.

Cooper is finally settling in and trusting more. He actually will get up next to Kylie and lay on her and give her kisses. Cooper is the Sheltie I brought home from the county animal shelter. I think Cooper had a rough life before living with us and he is afraid someone will take him because at first he would hide if we tried to take him to the car. Cooper loves car rides but he would be fearful depending on how we would try to lead him out away from the house.

Micah and Cooper are now much closer. Micah tries to be leader of the pack and I have to keep him in check sometimes but he lets Cooper get away with more and Cooper will actually let Micah know he doesn't like being bullied.

Nannabelle Cockatoo enjoyed beans and celery from the chili. She always likes to try or eat what we are eating. We played tug of war with the potholder today and she sang to me to get my attention.

I think those are the most interesting things of the day. Everyone is happy and all is well tonight. It was a little too quiet today around here actually. I don't plan on taking up knitting though!

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