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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The storm sneaks in

We were all set to go to a nice church function and the winter weather cut loose. I have tremendous guilt about not going to church. I have terrible anxiety about going but I feel I need to try more. Shirley's car got stuck and it started to snow so we decided to stay and help her get out and also to get a jump on stalls. Tomorrow the snow may be to deep to push wheelbarrows through and it may take some time to get the long driveway plowed.

We finished early and I came in the house and cooked a decent dinner and then went back out to feed at 6:00. I managed to do a load of wash so we don't get piled up again and then I worked on Kylie's computer for awhile trying to install updates.

I watched some TV and snuggled with the dogs the rest of the evening. Nothing really exciting today just low key. Tomorrow I am sure will be interesting and the horses will have to hang in the arena instead of their usual outside time.

I am getting into shape more and more and loosing weight with all the work in the barn which has kind of rejuvenated me. I decided to color my hair the color it was when I was younger as it has turned darker as the grey has come in. I also have been taking better care of my skin. I'm thinking it might be okay after being alone so long to start thinking about dating again. Of course, finding the right victim might prove difficult but at least I am open to trying I think.

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