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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Runaway apples, Elvis and Nannabelle, 2nd Interview

I let the pony and mini out today to walk around the barn while I did chores. They like visiting the other horses but Bit (the mini) zoned in on a bag of apples hidden in a bucket. Before I knew what was happening, Bit was running down the middle of the barn with the bag of apples in his teeth. He put his hoof on it, ripped the bag, and chomped an apple in a split second while the other apples went flying.

My Nannabelle Sugie (Cockatoo) is an older bird but her exact age is unknown. Whenever we play old hymns or Christmas music she will sing along and knows some of the words. Today I played Christmas music and one of the songs sung by Elvis really jogged her memory. She sang and danced and displayed all of her crest and wings in joy. I can't help but think that she is remembering another Christmas somewhere in time.

I had a second interview for a job working with people and their dogs. I am now intrigued by the position. I will hear in a couple of days.

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