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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Getting ready for a big storm and men at work

The usual morning chores and since the sun was out I let the horses out in different areas to enjoy the nice weather. Kylie and I were unsuspecting women minding our own business when we were suddenly knee deep in men working at various jobs here on the farm. Men are funny creatures, when you need them there are none, when you least expect them or just plain don't care you can't spit without hitting one.

Anyway back to work on the farm- The first men to suddenly descend upon us were Griff and his friend Greg to paint the block building floor because they had leftover epoxy from a previous job. They were carrying stuff out, blowing and sweeping dirt and slapping paint on when around the corner came Dave and Dusty who were there to prepare the barn for a bad storm.  

Dave and Dusty were intent on clearing out all of the built up ice in the gutter so the places where screws had come loose could be reattached. The gutter looked like it could have collapsed from the weight of the ice very easily and it would have been a real job then because the thing is huge. Next they removed all of the built up snow on the horse barn roof in case the next storm was ice and snow putting too much weight on the roof support system. Finally, the leaking toilet. Yes the toilet that has been leaking in three different places is now fixed.

Later that evening- after all of the men milling about the farm went home we had another man visitor. Josh who came late to work on the tractor but didn't have jumper cables and of course I don't either. Tomorrow the tractor may be worked on because it is best done in the daylight.

In between all of this man powered repair frenzy, we had a visit from Gloria and her husband who were looking in to see how Angel is doing and they brought her some apples to munch on.

Today was a good day. Kylie and I did our regular chores and accepted the help and assistance of others who were all doing good deeds. Of course, I have a nice long list of things to heap on other poor unsuspecting males but I will save it for another day. Not to mention the fact that prayers are answered and that really is the moral of this story!

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  1. Just occasionally men do have their uses! Pleased for you that these jobs have been done :o)