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Monday, December 20, 2010

Today, thanks to my brother

My brother came specifically down to help me get the tree up and decorated. I haven't been motivated this year and my brother Greg has helped on many Christmases with the tree, presents, and wrapping. I'm glad we did it because this is the first Christmas in a new home and I do love this place. I brought out the Nativity that I have had since I was a child and put it on the mantle and lit a nice fire.

I planned a nice evening since Kylie went on a sleepover. It didn't turn out as planned but I really enjoyed it. I had the tree and the fire and spent the evening alone. I made an excellent late dinner for myself that included scallops & linguine with homemade cheese sauce.

I watched some good old movies and enjoyed my cuddly dogs. I also put a bunch of stuff in the crock pot which means something healthy and hot for most of the week without having to cook much else. Tomorrow some feed store business and playing with horses in the barn. I hope to brush Cody and play with him a little. I get busy with everyone else in the barn and let him go sometimes. I want to ride him again soon.

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