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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blogging by a Warm Fire

I am sitting by a very warm fire with the lights out just typing and watching the fire. A great end to a pretty good day. My brother Greg went home because he has to work tomorrow. He was a big help to us while he was here and took me where I needed to go. The truck is still not back but I think we can make it till the weekend and I should have it by then.

The furnace is still acting up in the block building and a friend is working to try and find the problem. Angel went out in the arena today and seemed calmer but she seems to like to stick around the pony and he is kind of enjoying it. I want to call her Aretha for some reason, maybe cause she needs to get the barn diva attitude.

Winter weatherizing has begun on the house. I didn't take much time but I did get the front door sealed and part of the window caulked so I can put the window trim back up. I ran out of painters caulking and so I will have to get more to finish. I will next be working on Kylie's bedroom, the sun room, and the back door.

I ended the evening with actually doing something fun. I got a lesson on riding a four wheeler and got a ride on one going very fast and making lots of sharp turns. It was scary and fun at the same time. I have a great sense of humor but I have spent most of my life working and haven't had many opportunities to just be playful. I had a hard time just having fun so I will have to practice more doing fun things and being more carefree I think.

Here I am with the fire and a cozy house and I feel really blessed tonight.

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