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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Headaches and Toothaches

I had a sinus headache last night and an uncomfortable tooth today. I went to the dentist and it is now better. It is only temporary but at least the tooth is now protected and hopefully I won't have to have a root canal.

My sister Jane came through for me on this one. We are from totally different worlds because we were raised in different environments. Neither of us had a great childhood nor did either of us have proper dental care as children so when I thought about calling her I knew she'd understand.

I still have some sinus issues which always makes me tired and sleepy but Kylie and I went out for the night feeding and made sure the horse babies had hay for a cold night. Tomorrow is going to be a little better and I have plenty to do. I have to hit the feed store, do an interview and maybe Aldi's.

We haven't put a Christmas tree up yet and somehow Kylie and I just can't seem to catch the Christmas spirit this year. I am going to make a concentrated effort to try and put up the tree by the weekend. Maybe some decorations and Christmas music will help us shake off the holiday blah's.

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