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Monday, December 6, 2010

Curse desk jobs and the fire that won't light

I had a day of training today for a part time job I can do at home. I had to sit from 9 in the morning until 6 tonight. I simply despise sitting.... I want to move around all of the time. The time of day that I would be working in the barn I was sitting listening to trainers and filling out paperwork. I just wanted to puke.

The training room had a vent problem so there was no heat and it is really cold when you are sitting still so I wore my coat all day and the coffee machine had no cups so no hot coffee either. I have three more days of this nonsense and I can then work from home all day Friday and then start evening hours on Monday. At least I can get the restlessness out of my system before I have to sit down and make calls.

My dogs missed me apparently very much as they acted like I had been gone for years. I was smothered in wriggling furry bodies as soon as I sat on the couch. Plenty of pawing and licks and snuggling. I missed Kylie and all of my fur babies in the house and in the barn. One good thing that happened today is another pet sitter called me and wants to refer all of her farm clients to me as she is recovering from an injury. I would love to do more farm and horse sits. She has a client that has alpacas too so that would be grand.

I dread tomorrow because of the snow which is now up to my knees. I don't mind driving but I hate not being here to make sure things go right. I also need to get to Medina Farmers Exchange because we need sawdust. I will have to call them tomorrow and see if they really are going to deliver or not. Maybe they can leave it in the driveway and I can just throw it on the pickup and drive it back to the barn myself as I won't get stuck in my truck.

My snow plow man has decided not to plow for me this year so in between breaks I am going to have to locate someone else to do this driveway. It had to be a huge snow the week I'd be tied up. Have I whined enough yet?

The furnace in the block building appears to be fixed thanks to my friendly neighbor and he also helped with the driveway today. Kylie helped do things and did her school work and Shirley helped out at the barn. I went out to the barn when I got home and it was nice to feed and do my farm chores and afterwards to wrestle with Kylie and the dogs in the snow in the backyard.

I'll have to go to bed as soon as we feed Satire and make sure I am rested for the day long training again tomorrow. I will be bringing a sandwich and my own coffee I think. Yes, and a blanket to put over my legs.

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