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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Elusive Pick Up Truck...

I finally got the call late this evening that big yellow as in my big yellow Dodge pickup with four wheel drive is finished. New u-joints, wheel bearings, and shocks. I never thought I'd miss that truck but I do. It is a nice ride and it's mine. I hate asking for rides and I have to get sawdust and horse feed tomorrow.

Today was a fun day anyway but cold. I was glad to get into the house and start a fire. I finished the caulking around the window and the fireplace. Tomorrow I will hang curtains in Kylie's bedroom and try to start the sun room finally and at least get the crack around the top of the entire room filled.

Next week will be difficult because I will be in training and will have to make up farm work in the evening. I've done it before when I've had too but I want to get as much done for winter as possible tomorrow.

Snow is coming tomorrow so having my truck back will be very important in getting around. I hate that we have to get a lot of snow the week I won't be here all day to deal with it but I will make previsions for everything before Monday. I'm picking up more salt tomorrow to use on the drive way. Hopefully the snow will stay further northeast and stay light for us this week.

I also have to deal with a septic issue because I think the pump is not working causing septic gas to backup. I am hoping it will be checked out early in the week and is covered by a warranty.

After next week I will be able to work from home part time which will help with the utilities. I also don't want to miss out on all the action because this place is always interesting and fun most of the time.

I think I gained some weight while my brother was here and because of Thanksgiving. I can't gain I have to loose to have a real good fling before I turn fifty. They tell me it is hard to loose weight when menopause kicks in so I want to do it before it is too late!

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