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Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter winds and appreciating all my blessings

The wind is whipping around the house and blowing ashes out of the fireplace. We are ready though with snow masks and layering. The barn is pretty warm considering the buckets have not frozen. I checked with the family who rented my old house and barn and indeed the buckets have frozen there. I thought it was cold enough as the buckets were always frozen from January through the beginning of March every year. This years cold temperatures started early but no frozen buckets here. It would be more of a task since I have more horses to care for now.

The barn was comfortable to work in today and I drove the big truck through the snow in the back to make a path through the snow for the wheelbarrows. My neighbor called to see if we needed plowed but I told him it is best to wait till tomorrow as it will just need to be plowed again. My truck can get out and that is enough for today.

We went to the store and bought some toilet paper and sandwich meat and other essentials to carry us through the storm although I think we are able to go out for things when we need them. I threw more wood on the porch to keep the fire going this evening and I have been promised a truck load sometime this week to keep us warm.

I have to sit back and think of each person who has contributed to our making it this far. I think if I believed in past lives I would have been a Sheppard or a farmer, definitely something to do with nature. Since I only know for sure about this life I can say that I have done many things but this is my bent or what I was created to do as the Bible says. I was born to do this and it is very easy for me actually. Sometimes I fear things happening but the Lord says perfect love casteth out fear, I have great love for what I have been blessed with and so  maybe that helps.

So many people have helped in big and small ways. I believe God is faithful and as many people have helped I hope they are greatly blessed for it. The new year is around the corner and I hardly know where the year went. I do remember this time last year being so unhappy and feeling lost. I was actually sick from worry and anxiety. As soon as I stepped out in faith I felt healed and restored.

The cold wind blows and the snow falls but it is good and I am happy to work and enjoy this place.

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