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Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Different Kind of Christmas

This year has completely changed our lives. Change in employment, residence, and relationships. All for the better and all with incredible blessings.

Our tree was beautiful but for the first time since I had my little girl Kylie there weren't a lot of little and big presents for her under the tree. Since my mom died there have been more than a few year where I never received a Christmas present. Since I am an adult I was always just very happy to give Kylie a great Christmas Morning.

The point here is that she did get some very large and important gifts but they couldn't be wrapped and they couldn't fit under the tree this year. Presents like a beautiful horse named Aubrey, a barn to play in and go to when she feels like getting away. A beautiful pasture to walk in. A better relationship with her father and maybe some healing for them both. They spent the day on Christmas eve shopping for art supplies that Kylie wanted. She also sees me more than when I worked those long hours away from home. She also has two very good friends that love her and she can talk to and visit even though she is home schooled this year which is also a wonderful blessing. All these things were from God of course and He was kind enough to let me along for the ride!

For the first time in many years I got the only two things for Christmas that are material things that I had actually wanted. I got a comforter for my bed thanks to my brother and a very nice neighbor bought Kylie and I a pink daisy BB gun. I never had one as a kid and thought being on a farm we should have one. It is funny how God works, you would think I was the child this year!

I avoided the TV commercials and shopping because of the ugliness of commercialism. The losing sight of what the season is about even if you don't believe in a God the message is supposed to be love and you really can't buy and wrap love. Caring and helping those around you are really the most rewarding things. Even if you don't believe Jesus is the Son of God, if you read about Him the message is He came for the broken hearted, the unlovable, the poor and the every day person. His message was and is that we are loved and to share the gift of His love by pouring it out to all that will receive it. We don't have to do things for other people out of obligation or guilt. I don't think we have to say anything about God either but by pouring out love and being genuine if there is light and goodness in your heart, the message is there and is clearer than all the words in the world.

There is such a great need in the world and this last couple of years have been very hard on many people but an even greater need is the desire to be loved, to know a person is important to someone, to experience  kindness instead of harshness or indifference. We celebrate the Lord's birthday on Christmas but for those who don't know Him, we can celebrate with them His joy, His love and His sacrifice...  in sacrificing some of our time and our joy and our love to share it with someone else.  

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