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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Good for Cooper

My mornings start out with a big greeting from Nanabelle Sugie our umbrella Cockatoo. She is always peeking out from underneath the blanket I use to cover the top of her cage and she will say good morning and what are you doing. The bunny and all of the other birds carry on because it is breakfast time.

Since the barn is closed up tight the dogs have had a special treat which is to go do morning chores with me. As soon as I feed the little ones in their cages and head towards my coat and boots there is a happy flurry of fur and paws dancing. One dog in particular is over joyed at going with me. The little dog we brought home from the dog pound named Cooper, who couldn't even run because he was so overweight. Cooper couldn't jump on the couch either, he was forty pounds and he is a little Sheltie.

This morning Cooper did the Cooper dance and barked as I opened the door. He ran and circled the other dogs as they ran to the back door of the barn and he ran back to me and circled and barked. The snow is deep and Cooper either runs or bunny hops but he is so happy. He can run and change leads and he does the stops and starts of a true herding dog. Micah my collie mix who is the lead dog when I am not around and tries to let everyone know he is in charge tolerates Cooper very well. Cooper is spunky for his size and so I see the two herding dogs hang out together more and more. Cooper also nips at Micah's heals. Micah doesn't always behave well when we get company but he is all business when we do chores in the barn.

The two golden's love visiting the barn and sniffing around. Dusti is old dog and he gets really excited about rolling in the snow. Dusti did some victory laps in the snow and ran to me for a good petting. He sleeps a lot more now and chooses when he feels like doing more.

My big Dan Dan who is a giant fluffy teddy bear knew when chores were almost done and went back outside the man door and laid down in the snow and waited for me.

Of course Nanabelle Sugie greats me when I return with her crest in full sail on her little head and I get a little baby cry from her. Lowkie whistles to me when he sees me. He is a pionus parrot who is a one person bird and very jealous of anyone when it comes to me. Lowkie was locked in a cage for years and I went to see him and I couldn't leave without him. I took him and his cage and put him in the car and brought him home. It took a few days even for him to come out of his cage. He now loves head scratches and is very sweet and loves to cuddle sometimes.

I love my animals and I love to see them unfold and blossom. They all have their stories but I think Cooper came here so fearful and insecure and he is just lovely now and so happy. It brings me great joy.  

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