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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Man Trap, Weather Change, and Work Groove

This morning I let the horses out and cleaned the stalls and took care of the little chihuahuas in my care for the next two weeks. I tried getting the furnace to lite in the block building and fought a battle with the hose which was partially frozen.

My friend and I finished putting together the wire kennel in the block building and with him standing in it I thought it would make a better man trap. After all, had I closed the door... I would have trapped one right then and there. The moment passed and he was free to roam again in his wild habitat.

I spent the evening in a great deal of pain. The weather is changing and years ago I would ache from any change. I was surprised that today my hands, wrists, and arms are throbbing like a tooth ache just like they used to when I was much younger. I took four ibuprofen but unfortunately it hasn't touched the pain which is unusual.

I worked till just before ten and then was allowed to leave early not because I wasn't feeling well but because the calls for everyone must not have been very productive. It was a relief because I was feeling the pain and wasn't as up beat as I usually am.

Kylie and I wrapped the chores up at 10 and I cleaned a new/used coffee pot my old neighbor Andrew gave me. It is programmable and I am excited to see if it works tomorrow at 7:30 a.m.

I got another call to farm sit for another stables and I'm excited about it. I also have another potential farm client that would be on a regular basis. I enjoy doing farm sitting and it is a good way to earn income. Someday, I hope to have a good client base built up but I like having regular hours and having a paycheck for backup too. This new calling job is excellent because it is flexible and I am very happy about that. Plus, I am helping excellent causes like cancer and Alzheimer research. My mother died of lymphoma and my step father who was an angel died from Alzheimer's.  Both are terrible things and it will be good for them both to be completely eliminated someday. I hope I can help make a difference in anyway possible.

With all that said I am very tired and still hurting and I look forward to my dogs and their therapy in the form of warmth on my weather forecasting bones and joints. After all, tomorrow is another day to set the man trap and maybe I'll catch one and study it for awhile before I release it back into the wild. It will be the Mantrap Research Foundation (sounds like I need some grant money).

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