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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pretty much a so so day

I wasn't feeling real good today as I have the makings of a cold or something. I dropped the title of my Highlander at the bank so it could be processed for the new owner and picked up some milk at Aldi's. When I came home I rested and took a nap and then went to the barn and did some chores. I was glad to feed everyone and come back inside, I didn't even start a fire.

Kylie and I watched a Christmas movie together and I am hoping to put the tree up sometime this weekend. Last year was the first year I didn't put one up since Kylie was born and it was because I just couldn't bring myself to get into the mood. Since we are in a new home and have so much to be thankful for I want to have the tree up to celebrate.

We are supposed to get a really bad storm next week and I am going to have to most likely get more sawdust to be ready and maybe a couple of bags of feed. This is bad for December but I am an optimist, perhaps we will get the worst over with and the rest of winter will be a cake walk (fingers crossed behind my back).

I need to work on getting more firewood rounded up too as it helps to have the fire going. The wood in the pasture is buried now so I'll have to find a different source. I hope to feel better tomorrow as I don't want to be slowed down any. I have a Christmas tea to go to Sunday afternoon with my good friends and I also start a class on Monday. Later this month I have to finish training for the part time job I took.

The house has stayed clean since Thanksgiving and the laundry is caught up and I hope to keep it that way as it is better to come into a clean house in the evening when working outside in the cold. I hate clutter and disorder it causes me a great deal of anxiety and discomfort. I can only relax when things are neat and orderly. With four dogs, 5 birds, and a bunny in the house it can be challenging but of course the birds are in the sun room which is allowed to be a little unkempt. Birds are very messy creatures and love to throw chewed wood and seeds everywhere. I can broom the sun room and be done with it.

I vacuum every day but it is easy with a smaller house now. We manage to do okay except for dog hair because the dogs don't potty in the house. My teenager of course is the real mess maker and the one least likely to pick up after herself. I try to keep the chaos in her room and most of the time I am successful.

Well off to bed now after taking bunches of cold medicine and with the tissue box nearby. I hope to sleep well and be ready to go in the morning to do things that need to be done. I have drapes still to hang in Kylie's room and chores and window trim to reinstall and a gutter on the barn to deal with even if I don't have help.

Bring it on Mr. Winter....

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